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Dear Customers,

First of all, Company Limited commercial production design embroidery Thu Huong sent to customers greeting respect!

Company Limited commercial production design embroidery Thu Huong specializes in providing services and products for uniforms include: Office fashion, Uniform Office, Hotel, Restaurant, Supermarket, protection, labor protection, along with accessories upon request: bow, tie, hats, ...

Coming to Thu Huong, Customers will be provided with a uniform service: Advice on design, fabric material – make a form - Taking measurements - Classification of size - Mass production - Packaging and delivery - Management reserves fabrics and uniform for additional episodes.

More than 20 years of establishment and development of uniform services, with the best products and services, are evaluated through a uniform brands such as Mekong Hospital, International Hospital, uniforms Vietnam airline pilots, VIB Bank, Toyota, Coca_Cola, Viettel ..., Workwear Uniforms along with restaurant uniforms, hotel been warmly welcomed customers: New World hotel uniforms, restaurant Fenix, ...Banking systems such as ACB, TRUSTBank, HD Bank, VIB, Techcombank, ... and other client groups such as Manulife, Ajinomoto, AAA Insurance, FBT, Sony, Panasonic, Zing Me, LG, PNJ, Beeline ... so we are proud to be one of the units provide good service uniforms in Vietnam today.

With the slogan "Quality and Prestige" , THU HUONG committed to investing in research and continuous development to provide quality services for the best uniforms, the best products with the most reasonable price.

Company Limited commercial production design embroidery Thu Huong are honored to collaborate to contribute to the ongoing development of our customers.


Company Limited commercial production design embroidery Thu Huong a company specialized in providing uniform services in Vietnam. Since the commencement of operations, the company has been very focused on the research, product development, material resources, investment in machinery, modern equipment as leverage for sustainable development

THU HUONG fashion supply the market a series of products and services with more choice, satisfying all the requirements customers.

The services and products provided are:

  1. Advice on design fabric material – make a form
  2. Taking measurements
  3. Mass Production
  4. Packaging and delivery
  5. Management reserves fabrics and uniform for additional episodes

Companies manufacturing products:

  1. Office uniforms
  2. Event uniforms
  3. Hospital uniforms
  4. School uniforms
  5. Hotel uniforms
  6. Workwear uniforms

All products are manufactured at Thu Huong with a total capacity of more than 35,000 products / month. With office located at the address: 7-7A Ut President, Ward 4, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, facilitate transactions in HCMC.

Productive forces of Thu Huong has more than 40 skilled sewing workers, 5 technicians, 5 production lines, 100 machines of all kinds, full equipment for meet from design to finished products. These are favorable conditions for us to be able to meet all the needs of our customers quickly and timely. Because the company is a senior apparel industry, so Thu Huong has advantages in active raw material, material are partners higher precedence in the order process. In addition, all products are manufactured professionally and carefully monitoring the production, so the products are of good quality, the exquisitely and steady between products.

With staffs enthusiastic and professional, the feedback of information quickly (Maximum within 1 business day), quick after sales service, service provider or reserve fabric for additional orders ..., Thu Huong fashion will be the trusted partner of our customers.

Thu Huong's products are mainly offered in Vietnam market and export to overseas markets such as Switzerland, Poland, the US, Cambodia, Thailand ...

Coming from a tailor, and the passion for the fashion industry with enthusiasm and Fashion Thu Huong was born in 1988.

With the support of customers, 2007 officially became Company Limited commercial production design embroidery Thu Huong activities: Manufacture and sale of garments, designing, computerized embroidery services,.. Thu huong Fashion brand has been confirmed by confidence of a lot of famous customers such as Nokia, Samsung, Viettel, Kotex, Nivia, Rexona, Oreo, Anlene, Vinamilk, CocaCola, SYM, Suzuki ...

Thu Huong business purpose is not profit, especially in the fashion business, three factors need to be achieved: the true, the good and the beautiful. And that's the most important thing is the confidence of our customers and partners.

Thu Huong's products always invested with great effort, produced a meticulous, methodical, not duplicative. Specifically each product are said to be typical of the brand, reflecting the luxury, elegant, simple motifs but impressive.

The company is specialized to develop uniform, the company focuses intensive research provide uniform services in developing countries, and introduced to customers uniform chain closed. Diversity of product types for many different industries, the company focuses on the client system (Banks, Post and Telecommunications, Consumer Goods industry) ...

THU HUONG’s objective are pursuing strategy of business development based on the following key elements:

- Consolidate, build and develop a system of powerful brands to satisfy all requirements and psychology of customers.

- Development Thu Huong became one brand reputation, prestige, high quality, and the most reliable of all customers. Through strategic research on the specific requirements for Vietnam's uniforms, build optimal products, the best fit.

- Investment in research and sourcing fabrics to dominate the market with high demands and specific requirements such as: Banks, Post and Telecommunication (VNPT), Labour Protection, Medical Uniforms, schools ... to demonstrate the capacity and create differentiation from competitors.

- Improving business activity and enhancing the skills of staff, 200% expanded scale and consolidating production systems, improve product quality, shorten delivery time to create a solid premise to gain market share in markets with low market share, especially in market in the province.

Thu Huong has harnessed the power and prestige of the brand - A uniform brand prestige and reliable to occupy at least 30% market of the finance - Banks in 2015

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